🆕 Ostinato 1.1 is now available!

New features include cut-copy-paste, improved pcap import and replay, npcap support on Windows and a bunch of bug fixes including crash fixes. Check out the full changelog.

The new version is available for free to all Ostinato super/desktop bundle customers and Python API customers - the files are available in your library.

If you had bought the Ostinato single package earlier and want the new version, you can buy it from the Ostinato website. (if you want to get new versions for free, consider buying the desktop/super bundle which includes free updates).

What's preventing you from using Ostinato effectively or for more use cases? Now is the time to let me know as I plan for the next few months!

Srivats (Author, Ostinato)

Buy Ostinato 1.1